Market Trends - Marketing & Communications in the Financial Services Sector

Market Trends - Marketing & Communications in the Financial Services Sector

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Since our market overview was compiled a lot has changed, the outbreak of Covid-19 globally has fundamentally changed how we are working both physically and mentally. It is changing and developing how companies go to market and how employees deliver their work on a  daily basis.

While the changes over the last 2 months will undoubtedly have a major impact on all industries and sectors, it is too early to know just what that impact will be on a day to day basis for the financial services sector.

Below is exert from our 2020 Salary Guide & Market Trends Report, and whilst our current working environment has changed we believe the sectors, roles and where the market is going remain true and relevant.

Market Trends –Marketing & Communications in the Financial Services Sector

Hiring within Financial Services (FS) Marketing & Communications in Australia will remain dynamic throughout 2020, with high demand for talent in marketing technology and social media roles likely to tighten the market for these jobs. At the same time, the big incumbent banks and insurers will be focusing on retaining talent in the face of significant business restructuring.

The continuing growth of FinTech users in Australia is likely to keep a positive tone to opportunities for FS marketing professionals in the coming year, especially as smaller players begin the search for more senior marketing hires that can run campaigns. That should be seen as a positive for those affected by the restructuring currently underway at established FS organisations. There is an abundance of applicants for marketing manager roles at FinTech firms, where hiring budgets are limited and the need for traditional marketing skills is not as pronounced at the moment.

Marketing Communications and Internal Communications have been in strong demand throughout the last year. Organisations are focusing on internal communications, where the emphasis is on pro-actively engaging the workforce. Staff retention, the need to keep people motivated (especially around career paths), workplace arrangements and lifestyle accommodation is a priority for many of these businesses.

Mid to Senior Marketing Executive candidates are currently in the greatest demand, creating a skills shortage of candidates with this experience in Financial Services sector. Due to this increased demand, we are seeing that organisations are therefore having to create more attractive packages to lure talent to their business.

With rise in the number of senior candidates in the FS market, candidates are more flexible in their salary negotiations to secure the right role at the right organisation.

Most in Demand Roles:-

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing Executive
  • Campaign Manager
  • Head of SEO & PPC
  • Senior Communication Manager


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